March 20 to 26, 2017 – Field School – Proposals – Discrimination – Radicality – Butinages -.

March 20 to 26, 2017 – Field School – Proposals – Discrimination – Radicality – Butinages -. It notes from the past week block will still be very political. And this may be so for weeks even though education is relatively present in this campaign. successively address the programs and the proposals made to these candidates. We also speak of discrimination through two examples and we will discuss a survey of high school students and addresses the sensitive issue of radicalism. It will end with readings that are good … The school in the countryside It is early in the week that was published thematic booklet on education of France Insoumise. This completes the proposals that were already made in the book Jean-Luc Melenchon program "The future in common." I just devote a blog to my analysis of the proposals. It is a program that has very generous intentions and promises many ways. But at the same time, it considers that nothing has been done in the right direction since 2012 and promises to repeal what he considers "against-reform." One will also find an analysis in the Pedagogical Cafe and on a blog post of Jean-Pierre Veran hosted by Mediapart. We had already discussed the Emmanuel Macron program, a few weeks ago. They come back with an interview for the VousNousIls specialized site. It says that "The question that we must answer collectively is this" how to guarantee each student a school that allows it to build, grow and succeed? ". This is THE question that should guide our choices; student interest and improve everyone’s success should be our only compass. " It also made proposals for the initial and continuing education and reiterates its willingness to give more autonomy to schools. The week was also marked by the great debate on TF1. Education was its first theme but was quickly dispatched. Fillon spoke again of the uniform. Marine Le Pen said he wanted to "eliminate the learning of languages ??of origin." That earned him a replica of Benoit Hamon: "For there to be peace in school, not yet-it must hijack a rather nauseating debate as Marine Le Pen is to illustrate on the original languages. " Melenchon has, meanwhile, protested against the "morose declinisme speaking youth who can not read or write or count." We can salute the perseverance of those who watched the way … The other political event of the week was the political program dedicated to France2 Francois Fillon. It is the teacher and researcher Laurence De Cock who faced him on his proposal to "rewrite history programs" in schools to be proud to be French. At the end of the interview, Laurence De Cock offered a book homework market
to Francois Fillon (although it did not make him gifts …). It was a book of Suzanne Citron: "The national myth – The history of France revisited". in which it "makes a very methodical deconstruction" of the history of France, explains historian. Attendance at an article about it on the site of Pedagogical Notebooks surged during the evening! And the day after the face-to-face sales that old just reissued book quickly climbed to the 12th place of the purchased books from Amazon Friday lunchtime. Before announcing a shortage of stock and restock for 30 March. An unexpected destiny for this book which we can rejoice … Because it’s not just five candidates but eleven, I note a rarity with this article from the Journal of Women which provides analysis of the proposals of ALL candidates. To know the Jacques Cheminade program, Nathalie Arthaud or Francois Asselineau for education is here (and elsewhere!) Finally on this policy chapter, I report a portrait appeared in Le Parisien. This is one of Aymeric is professor of history and geography at Fontainebleau. It is Front National militant and do not hide … a items that generated the most reactions on my Facebook wall. It does not leave indifferent teachers. Proposals Proposals and suggestions to candidates are numerous. It’s the season … The online news site Slate has asked figures including myself (I am not a "researcher", as I said in all humility) to make proposals for the presidential 2017. Among -ci we find several that affect education, made by Pierre Merle Olivier Rey, Charles Hadji, Jean-Pierre Terrail, Agnes Florin and many others ….. the proposal I am making is simple. This is to create a training obligation as a rechargeable law and a credit hour. Every teacher should thus form and prove he conducted a training over the past three years. The training could be done with the Ministry of Training services or approved association. This proposal is also under a slightly different form with a dozen others in the report of the National Innovation Council for Educational Success which I outlined in a Facebook Live, Wednesday, March 22 together proposals Francois Taddei. The final report will be at the Innovation Day March 29 But we can already discover the ten proposals of this council which I am proud to have facilitated the work. There are also proposals with "To The Top". This collective that brings together 22 organizations (such as Catholic Relief Services, the Army Hi, Catholic Family Associations, Protestant Family Associations, Bayard, the College of Bernardine, the Muslim Scouts of France, SOS Children’s Village …) has arrested Monday candidates in the presidential election. They ask them to commit to organize "States General of Education" after the presidential election. On the occasion of the presidential election, Childhood Majusculeadresse as a letter to the candidates so that concrete measures be taken to better protect children. Another call is initiated in Le Figaro by 55 personalities (less one who has withdrawn its signature) to support schools Expectations Suburbs. They are also supported by the candidate Francois Fillon. Three teachers (JC Buttier, L. and G. DeCock Chambat) in a blog post on Mediapart denounced the campaign by this network of schools they describe as "retrograde, authoritarian and smelling paternalism and neo- colonialism ". For them, this campaign takes a step towards the main claim of these networks: the establishment of the "education voucher" that is to say, the parity of funding between public and private. Warning Danger … Discrimination all about discrimination was also discussed in the press this week. A teacher of a vocational school in Seine-Saint-Denis published March 12 on his Facebook page (and then release) an appeal "against discrimination in school trips." Elise Boscherel tells how three of his students have been checked by police at the Gare du Nord in Paris, returning from a school trip. The call was echoed in many articles in the press. The teacher wants a circular prohibiting all control of students as part of a school trip. Finally a woman in Bac The program! writes Le Parisien. The news first appeared silently in the Official Bulletin of National Education. Both books in literature program 2018 will pan "the Counterfeiters", Gide, and "The Princess of Montpensier" Madame de Lafayette. This is the first time in the history of BA, the work of a female figure in literary terminal program. This is a letter of professor of school of Val de Marne, Francoise Cahen (portrait in Humanity) that we owe this victory against a form of discrimination. In its petition, launched in May 2016 and since signed by 20,000 people, Francoise Cahen was indignant that sexism: "In a class type composed mostly of girls and letters from teachers who are mostly women, what subliminal message do we want to convey? "Sociologists Radicality Anne Muxel and Olivier Galland unveiled Monday, March 20 the first results of a study they coordinate with more than 7000 students in four second Academies (Lille, Creteil, Dijon and Aix-Marseille) to better understand the adhesion factors of young people in political and religious radicalism. One can read a comprehensive presentation in the journal of the CNRS The press has mostly retained the dimension related to religion but the investigation goes beyond. What this survey shows is mainly that the majority of pupils is "waterproof" on radicalism. But at the same time near 1 of 2 high school acceptable to block institutions to oppose government projects. And about 1 in 5 – mostly boys -, political violence can be justified or even be a temptation. On religion, 1 student surveyed in 10 (11%) adheres to what the researchers describe as "religious absolutism." Submitted a questionnaire – the same in twenty establishments on which focused the investigation – these teens have responded to both that "there is only one true religion" for them, and that in explanation of the creation of the world, "is the religion that is right rather than science." What catches the attention of researchers, it is less the ratio that the discrepancy between faiths: Muslims surveyed students are three times more likely (32%) to accede to "absolutism" that all students surveyed (10.7%). And five times more than young Christians (6%). Butinages As each week, ends with a somewhat motley section for interesting report documents found according to my butinages Internet. And the first document really fits this logic serendipity that characterizes this item. Indeed Paris Match not part of my usual readings in my vigil on education. I came across it by chance. But this is in Paris Match found the portrait of Caroline. She is a professor of special schools in a refounding of the priority education college (Rep +) of northern Marseille. Despite some issues a little staggered, maintenance is quite interesting and gives to see and hear the daily life of a teacher faced with difficult situations but keeps the energy and the desire to learn. Finally’ll go to Olivier Rey who annoys of "back to the" fundamentals "" in a blog post hosted by Le Monde: "Since I was old enough to vote (it takes us back early eighties …) I mean in effect along milestones of variations on the theme of "back to basics" in school. This anthem is based on a reasonable intuition is not difficult to imagine the difficulties of a young child when it does not mastered the essential language school (reading, writing, arithmetic) […] On the merits. return to fundamentals is particularly postulate that there is that making french one learns to write or speak, which is contrary to most research findings on the subject. It is postulated that the child is an only cognitive, machine learning, as if the social and emotional construction was not consubstantial with learning. It is often confused with the mastery of the languages ??the only memory-repetition of the rules of these languages. This is the example of those ideas that appear common sense, but they do not work in real life education. "Good Read This … Philippe Watrelot (head) work is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License – Noncommercial – Share in Same Conditions 3.0 France. Posted by Watrelot to Saturday, March 25, 2017