Lapresse spice-Livorno 3-0 – The first goal brings the signature of Staff, at 21 ‘: winning tap-in into the empty net, after a first miracle of Zima Okereke.

The Series A Christmas starts at 17 with Varese-Cantu, fascinating challenge and tradition continues at 19 with Milan-Brescia and closes at 21 with Virtus Bologna-Reggio Emilia. The next day the other five matches of the 12th day: the first Venice-Trieste at 17, the last-Torino Avellino at 20.45. Here’s the full schedule is the schedule of #XmasGames! Under the? Christmas tree three derby?

Discover the television programming of the Christmas Day ?? – Lega Basket Serie A (@LegaBasketA) November 14, 2018 Gasport

March 21, 2019 – Coverciano View this post on Instagram #Nazionale ?? #Chiesa leave the training camp in Coverciano, #Florenzi will be evaluated in the coming hours. The footballer of Fiorentina is back at your club to continue treatment of the case. The Roma player has interrupted the?

Training resentment in his left calf. . #VivoAzzurro #EuropeanQulifiers #Azzurri # EURO2020 A post shared by FIGC Vivo Azzurro – National (@azzurri) date: March 21, 2019 at 10:15 PDT Frederick Church abandons the withdrawal of the National and returns home. Even today the 21 year old Fiorentina has done work except for the usual problems in the pubic area Tuesday accused, for which the viola had left the training session and had been subjected to medical tests.

He also stopped while Alessandro Florenzi for fatigue to a left calf: the 28 year old will be evaluated in the coming hours, he might even be forced to salute the company. In tactical exercises Roberto Mancini to take the place of the Giallorossi was Piccini. And eye hips forward, where the prices rise the young Bianconeri Kean instead of Politano.

Calciomarket, Juve, Romero More Church: 100 million plan GAMES – The Azzurri are preparing to debut in qualifying for Euro 2020: National Roberto Mancini, part of the J group, will play Saturday in Udine against Finland at 20.45. The second challenge is scheduled for Tuesday at the Tardini against Liechtenstein, always at 20.45. With a certainty: Frederick Church there will be. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV From our correspondent Mirko Graziano

February 27, 2019 – The Milan Perugia exults. They win Lapresse Perugia and Spezia in the two postponements of the 26th day. Bang the Umbrian Nesta in Venice, hooked the playoffs; hurt the lagoon, which are likely to be sucked into the depths of the standings. In the race for the maximum series also Spezia that fold with a tris Livorno, in full relegation zone. venice-Perugia 2-3 – the goal to Penzo Festival.

To open the dances are just the Umbrian 12 ‘: successful restart, Sadiq pierces vicar with a nice right from the limit. Six minutes after the Venice may already jogging, but fails Bocalon the penalty. The feast of the lagoon is sent back to the 38 ‘, when Segre beats head Gabriel, but it does not last long because the Perugia immediately reaffirms the advantage with which Verre, an accomplice Vicar mistake, the ball into the bags.

The red and white close the first time even with the trio signed by Melchiorri, adept at soar into the area and cut to the goalkeeper. In the second Sadiq time it lacks a nothing poker, so the Venice test the boarding in the final: Di Mariano shortens the fly to nine by the end, but the break-even enterprise fails. It’s the party Perugia.

Major celebrates after the momentary 1-0. Lapresse spice-Livorno 3-0 – The first goal brings the signature of Staff, at 21 ‘: winning tap-in into the empty net, after a first miracle of Zima Okereke. The half-hour of the first half chaos in the stands: the Livorno fans attempting the raid on the pitch, but the stewards avoid the worst.

Serie B: tension in the guest sector during Spezia-Livorno The Tuscan wasted time, Marino’s team is doubling to 74 ‘: Breakthrough Da Cruz from the right, assists to kiss for Perini that should only place it inside. A permanently close games is Mora, with a shot that beats Zima. Livorno in difficulty, Spezia in the playoffs. VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV Gasport

December 18, 2018 – Milan-Venice 69-70 HAPOEL The Human taketh Holon (70-69) with an outstanding defensive performance and puts a serious threat on the next round in Group B of the Champions League. Second place repurchased and 2-0 in the confrontation against Israelis. the game – no Human Tonut, Hapoel accusing the absence of Shawn Jones.

The Holon is unbeaten at home in the Champions League and the departure of the Israelis, drawn by DeQuan Jones and Walden, puts on the ropes the De Raffaele team (15-6). The Human is match up the defensive intensity, finding options though ideals under the basket, despite having only Holon Atkins to battle under the boards.

Controbreak grenade (15-15), the race in tears, Holon that square triple burst to run away again (22-15), before Washington, Hapoel in the 2008-2009 season, take your hand comrades (24- 20). Watt started well the second quarter (29-25), then disappears, closed on offense and unresponsive in defense, Holon stretches (39-31), touch again in Washington keep afloat Venice (41-34), which pays duty at 9 turnovers and 31 points made by Jones (19) and Walden (12).

Third quarter with the Human slipping back to -9 (46-37), but De Raffaele has the longest bench, the Holon not. And I swear Cerella and to turn the game with a 19-8 Piazza Venezia that break (54-56) with Hapoel that dissolves in attack, because Jones is on the bench with four fouls. Umana which „holds” in defense, last quarter studded with errors, Stone and Haynes shove the external +5 (57-62).

In the end, anything goes: Haynes signs a triple with 1 „available (64-68), Jones goes to the bench with his fifth foul, at 1’16” from the end of the Human even to +6 (64-70). Wyatt is reset, only a free (65-70), final convulsive, foul in the attack to rebound in Watt (69-70), offensive foul in Daye to 20 „from the end, but Wyatt fails the insult shot at the end. Marquez Haynes.

LaPresse Markers Hapoel: D.Jones 26, Walden 20, Atkins 15; Venice: Washington 20, Haynes 16, Watt 10-VALENCIA 83-95 TRENTO The Trento adventure in Eurocup ends with a defeat against the league leaders Valencia. A little more than a friendly one played between the two teams by now marked destinies (Trento could no longer qualify, the Spaniards already assured of first place).

A controlled the match from start to finish by the hosts, who showed excellent shooting percentage (69% for two, 54% from three), but the eagle on the whole is not sorry. Valencia part immediately ahead, the Eagle touches the first (and will also be the only one) of evening advantage with the basket from below of Craft (8-7) and shows an excellent Marble, but a relentless Matt Thomas (9 points and 100% shooting in the fourth) holds the lead after 10 Spaniards’ (18-23).

Valencia escapes in the second period with as many as five to target triple that are worth the +15 (40-25). Trento is reeling from the opponent’s accuracy (57% interval of three), Beto Gomes tries to wake her, and the young Midnight, Party quintet, find important points. Before the break the thirty reaction controlled by Hogue reopen the match and leads the teams into the locker room 46-52.

In the first seconds of Valencia puts a partial recovery of 5-0, the American duo Hogue and Marble mend the rift (55-59), but a wild Labeyrie and a perfect guest Martinez lead the new extension (55-70). The quality of the Valencians shooters is high, and even Matt Thomas continues his own show. The last period begins with three triples hope chalked dall’Aquila, of up to -8 (75-83), but the leaders of the group holds in his hand the match to the end.

Trent concludes the third European adventure of its history lacking for the first time to qualify for the Top16 (3 wins, 7 lost), Valencia instead passes the turn from first group (8 wins, 2 lost) and is a candidate as one of the pretenders to title. Trento Scorers: Hogue and Marble 16, Beto Gomes 14, 12 Midnight Valencia: Martinez and Thomas M. 20, Labeyrie 17-Vives 10 Countess Orsolin

November 27, 2018 – Milan „The short answer is that right now, if I allenassi properly and I worked hard, I could beat Serena Williams.” John McEnroe, 59, is back in a TV interview to set off a controversy already erupted in the summer of 2017: his ability to beat, even at the age of 60, the legend of women’s tennis.